Tom Cruise Raging On Crew Members Of Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise Raging On Crew Members Of Mission Impossible

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is working on his mega-budget film Mission Impossible 7. The actor is currently shooting for the film in Britain. Tom’s film has been postponed several times due to COVID-19.

Tom has taken great care of all precautions during the COVID-19 period. They also maintain social distancing on the sets and they also make it mandatory for everyone to wear masks.

But now Tom Cruise’s anger has reached the seventh sky. They are severely angry at the crew members of their Mission Impossible. He also threatened to expel the member from his job.

It is being told that two crew members were standing very close on the set of Mission Impossible. Both were watching something on a monitor. Just seeing this, Tom Cruise lost his temper.

He fiercely engaged the class of both those crew members. They are heard saying- We are called Gold Standard. Because of us, they are making Hollywood films again. They believe in us. I talk to insurance companies every day, I meet the producers, everyone wants us to make their films. We are making thousands of maids, I will never see such a thing in the future.

Tom Cruise’s anger does not calm down here. He does not want sorry from any of his team members. They are directly talking about getting them fired. Tom says- I don’t want your forgiveness. If that is not what I want, then you are out. We are not going to stop this film. If it happens again, then no.

It is known that Tom Cruise is getting so angry because his film COVID-19 has a lot of impacts. Recently, while shooting for the film in Italy, 12 people were found to be COVID-19 positive and the shooting had to be stopped.

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In such a situation, due to the fault of any of their crew members, they do not want to stop the shooting of Mission Impossible. They now want to finish this film as soon as possible and release it.

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