Hollywood Movie Wonder Woman 1984 Opening Sean Released Online

Hollywood Movie Wonder Woman 1984 Opening Sean  Released Online

HBO Max has released the opening scene of the superhero movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ on Wednesday. It shows Diana’s life in the fictional country Thimiskira. This country is ruled by the Amazon Yan Warrior Woman. The opening scene begins with the little girl Diana (Lilly Aspell), who runs to the stadium, running through the dense and lush green forest of Thymiscara.

Many warrior women are sitting in the stadium watching the Rajshahi Games. Baby Diana stands up to compete in the game with older women to compete with the Warrior Woman. She starts running in competition, after which the scene is cut and the elder Diana appears, played by Gal Gadot. Diana is seen running in a street in the city. This is followed by a glimpse of the trailer of Wonder Woman.

Robin Wright plays Antiope

Antiope (Robin Wright) appears in the opening scene. The baby girl advises Diana before running. She says, “Greatness is not what you think. Keep yourself steady and watch.” As the opening scene progresses, the older Diana tells her story in the background.

Watch the opening Sean of the Hollywood movie Wonder Woman 1984

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