Rahul Gandhi Retaliated On PM Narendra Modi Appeal

Rahul Gandhi Retaliated On PM Narendra Modi Appeal

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that there are not enough tests to deal with coronavirus in India. He targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi without naming him and said that this problem cannot be solved by taalee bajaana and deeya jalana.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Sunday and demanded that the scope of the coronavirus test be extended.
Rahul Gandhi said:- Covid-19 se nipatane ke lie bhaarat abhee paryaapt test nahin kar raha hai. logo ke taalee bajaane aur deeya jalaane se samasya ka samaadhaan hone nahi ja raha hai.

Rahul Gandhi has also shared a graph in his tweet, which shows the relationship between tests and positive cases per million population worldwide.

Demand to Increase Coronavirus Test

The demand for increasing the number of coronavirus tests on a large scale is continuously increasing. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also demanded to increase the test rate. Priyanka Gandhi said that it is necessary to increase the rate of testing and said that it gives more valuable information regarding the severity and focal points of the disease. Research on a large scale will prove to be helpful for medical infrastructure systems in the country. The government should take action now. He has said that it should be encouraged to get the result of lockdown.

The case has also reached the Supreme Court seeking to increase the rate of the coronavirus test. Public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court on Friday demanding that the corona test of all people in India be done. The Supreme Court has summoned the reply from the Central Government on this petition.

(Prime Minister) PM Narendra Modi again addressed the country on Friday, the ninth day of the lockdown implemented in the country for 21 days due to the Corona crisis. The Prime Minister appealed to the countrymen that the darkness of Corona needs to be defeated with the power of light. For this, the Prime Minister has appealed to the people to burn the lamp for nine minutes on Sunday at 9 o’clock, its purpose is to give a message of solidarity.

As part of this appeal, (Prime Minister) PM Narendra Modi said, ‘People come out of their homes on April 5, ie at 9 pm this Sunday. Turn off the lights of the houses and light a lamp by standing at the door, lighting a candle or lighting anything else. Through this power, we want to give the message that the countrymen are united. The PM Narendra Modi said that this epidemic can be defeated only on the strength of solidarity ‘.

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