Rashmi Desai’s Statement on Arhaan Khan Withdrawing Rs 15 Lakh

Rashmi Desai’s Statement on Arhaan Khan Withdrawing Rs 15 Lakh

‘Bigg Boss 13’ saw both Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan’s love and confrontation. During the show, Salman Khan also warned Rashmi Desai about Arhaan Khan’s personal life. Meanwhile, there were also reports that Arhaan Khan has withdrawn Rs 15 lakh from Rashmi Desai’s bank account. Recently Rashmi’s fans leaked bank account details on social media, in which screenshots of Arhaan taking Rs 15 lakh. Now actress Rashmi Desai’s statement has come on this matter.

Rashmi Desai recently posted a post on Twitter, which is seen linking to Arhaan Khan. The actress’s anger is clearly visible in this tweet. Rashmi wrote in the tweet- ‘It is time to rebel.’ Along with this, it was written on the caption – ‘Even if you hide the true lac, it comes out’. This tweet of the actress is going viral.

Fans are very angry with Arhaan Khan after Arhaan’s treatment of Rashmi Desai. He even said it to Fraud. According to reports, Rashmi Desai’s spokesperson has also confirmed this news. Arhaan withdrew the money from the actress’ bank account when she was on the Bigg Boss show. After such screenshots went viral, Rashmi’s friend Devolina Bhattacharjee has also reacted to the matter.

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Devolina tweeted- ‘Heard Ramlal has asked for proof that he is a fraud. He should go and ask Salman Khan sir. What a shameful person, one is threatening from above with money. Don’t just talk about it because it only wants publicity. ‘ Let me tell you, Rashmi Desai and Devolina’s friendship started with Bigg Boss. The friendship of these two was so deep that Rashmi found it difficult to handle herself as soon as Devolina left the show.

Rashmi Desai has become even more famous after participating in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. There were many revelations about his personal life inside the house. He came to know that his boyfriend Arhaan Khan is married and has a son. After this Rashmi decided that she would break up Arhaan Khan. Rashmi Desai reached the top 4 of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ but later dropped out of the show.

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