Rakhi Sawant Entered Bigg Boss 15 with Husband Riteish, Rashami Desai Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Rakhi Sawant Entered Bigg Boss 15 with Husband Riteish, Rashami Desai Devoleena Bhattacharjee

After the recent eliminations in Bigg Boss 15, a big twist has come and wild card contestants have entered. Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rashmi Desai, and Rakhi Sawant have reached the Bigg Boss house. At the same time, Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh has also come with the camera for the first time.

Rakhi Sawant Entered Bigg Boss 15 with Husband

Actually, Rakhi’s husband Ritesh has also entered Bigg Boss. Rakhi welcomed husband Ritesh into the house while giving a performance on ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’. Along with this, drama queen Rakhi Sawant has also started making revelations as soon as she reaches the show. Rakhi has told in the show that she was dating a don before marrying Ritesh, everyone is shocked to hear this.

Shamita’s question

In the house, Shamita Shetty asked Rakhi Sawant what is the story of her marriage? On this, Rakhi told that in 2019, soon after the marriage of Rakhi-Riteish, there was a lockdown. At the same time, Rakhi was upset due to restrictions and in such a situation she decided to come to BiggBoss house. At the same time, Rashmi Desai questioned Riteish on his and Rakhi’s love story.

Ritesh told a love story

On Rashmi’s question, Ritesh said that he had approached Rakhi on WhatsApp. Ritesh told that his assistant had shared his number with him during an event. At the same time, after a few days, when he was feeling very depressed, he sent a message of hello to Rakhi on WhatsApp, but Rakhi immediately blocked his number.

Rakhi was dating Don

After this Rakhi told that in those days she was upset because she had to break up with her boyfriend at that time. Rakhi further said that she then came to know that he is a don and is threatening Rakhi. Rakhi said that at that time she had stopped talking to all the boys and because of this she had blocked Ritesh’s number.

Ritesh did WhatsApp

At the same time, Ritesh again messaged Rakhi Sawant from the second number, after which the conversation started between the two and gradually both came closer and then got married. According to a report in DNA, during the conversation, Rakhi also told that she calls her husband Ritesh by the name of ‘Mere Papa’ and has saved the number in the name of ‘Papa’ on the phone.

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