How To Avoid Coronavirus?

How To Avoid Coronavirus?

There has been a stir after Coronavirus spread from China to 9 cases in India. On Sunday, a person living in the Mayur Vihar area of Delhi has also been found a victim of this deadly virus. This person had recently visited Italy. The coronavirus, which spreads rapidly throughout the world, is now growing rapidly in India as well. So far, a total of 6 cases have been reported here. Let us tell you how the coronavirus can be avoided.

  • Maintaining hygiene is very important to avoid the Coranavirus. Take full care of the cleanliness around you. Use soap or sanitizer to wash hands thoroughly. After this, scrub the hands thoroughly for about 20 seconds. After washing hands, wipe with a clean cloth or dry your hands with a dryer.
  • While coughing, place the tissue on the mouth and then throw it in the covered dustbin. Use tissue to protect yourself even when another person sneezes or coughs.
  • Do not shake hands with an outsider. Even if you do this, wash your hands immediately.
  • Avoid touching anything on the bus, metro or any public place. There is a need to be very careful in such places.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them. Do not make the mistake of eating directly from the market.
  • Take care while cooking. Boil the vegetables well first. Use only the boiling water used for cooking.
  • Do not eat meat or egg raw at all. Serve such things only after boiling them properly.
  • Do not allow dirt around your houses. Take special care of cleanliness at home and outside the house.
  • Do not put your hands on the mouth or eyes repeatedly. Even if you do this, immediately wash hands and face thoroughly.
  • Avoid coming in contact with any disease person. Getting in touch with the patient will not be free from danger at this time.
  • Cover the mouth well before going to public places. Do not forget to wear N95 mask for this.
  • Take special care of good diet. Include food that boosts immunity in your diet. The better your diet, the lower the risk from viruses.

According to a report, the corona virus has caused financial loss of about 1 lakh dollars so far.

This has shaken not only China and Italy but also the entire world economy. Tourism and airlines have also suffered a major setback due to the epidemic.

Many international events are being canceled due to Coronavirus. Due to this rapidly spreading virus, the Olympics have also come under threat.

China is exported to many other countries including India. But due to the decrease in production of China, a situation of crisis is beginning in many other countries.

The aviation sector has also suffered a lot due to the Coronavirus.

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