Does sex or kissing spread coronavirus? Know what health experts say

Does sex or kissing spread coronavirus? Know what health experts say

Coronavirus is about 900 times thinner than a human hair. Therefore, it can easily make a human victim. The number of coronavirus victims in India has increased to 18. On Wednesday, 12 new cases of coronavirus have been reported. All these people returned to India via Italy. Health experts have told how coronavirus spreads.

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Does The Patient Spread Coronavirus By Contact With The Person?
Health experts say that whether or not you will have a coronavirus if you pass close to the patient, it depends on 4 things.

  1. How close do you go to the victim.
  2. Whether the victim’s droplets fell on you while coughing or sneezing.
  3. You are putting your hands on your face.
  4. How healthy you are or how old you are, because the immune system of older people is not well, because it makes them a victim quickly.

What Is The Distance From The Victim?
Christian Linder, a spokesman for the World Health Organization, says that people living with coronavirus should stay at least 3 feet away.

Whereas the guidelines issued by ‘The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ have said that it is necessary to have a distance of 6 feet from the victim.

How Often Does Coronavirus Spread Through Contact?
Health experts have not yet reached the conclusion that how many times the victim is in contact with you can cause coronavirus. He says that the more the patients get closer, the greater the danger.

Does Coronavirus Spread By Touching Things On Bus, Train Or Public Places?
Health experts say that there is a danger of spreading coronavirus by touching things on the bus, train or any public place. Hong Kong’s Center for Health claims that many devotees visiting a Buddhist temple here have fallen prey to this deadly virus.

Is There a Special Soap Or Sanitizer Made For This?
A health expert has said that there is no Subban or sanitizer about it yet.

Can The Coronavirus Be Spread By People Living With Or Next To You?
It has not yet been confirmed that coronavirus particles can enter your zone through walls or glass. Yes, but if the victim’s sneezing falls on a railing and if you come in contact with him, then the risk may increase.

Does Sex Or Kissing Spread Coronavirus?
The World Health Organization says that coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease. The health expert also says that by kissing the victim, it will definitely spread.

Can The Person Eat Food Where The Victim Has Eaten?
The risk of the virus may increase if the victim has put his hand to food himself or if more people gather for food in less space. However, the virus can become dormant if the food is heated properly.

Does Coronavirus Also Spread In Animals?
Health experts Whitakers have researched the spread of coronavirus in humans and animals. He said that no evidence has yet been found that the coronavirus can spread from humans to animals as well.

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