Bigg Boss 13: John Cena Again Shares Asim Riaz’s Photo

Bigg Boss 13: John Cena Again Shares Asim Riaz’s Photo

Bigg Boss 13 has less than a week left. In such a situation, all of them are trying their best to garner support from the fans of the seven contestants. Asim Riaz has emerged as a big player in the game so far. In the past, well-known WWE wrestler and celebrity John Cena was seen supporting Asim Riaz. Now once again, John Cena has shared the post about Asim.

John Cena shared a picture of Asim Riaz from his Instagram account and asked his fans for his victory. In the picture, Asim is sitting on a chair. There is a table in front of them. Also on the photo is written – #AsimRiazForTheWin

#AsimRiazForTheWin trending on Twitter since morning. #JohnCena started trending when John Cena tweeted in support of Asim. Himanshi Khurana also commented on this post of John Cena and shared the fire emoticon.

Earlier, John Cena shared the picture of Asim Riaz with his Instagram account. John Cena often posts random posts on his Instagram. He never writes a caption with these pictures.

John Cena said in an interview about his random posts that every picture is his inspiration. Please tell that John Sina has also shared pictures of celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput and Virat Kohli from his Instagram.

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